IN IT TO WIN IT - that's the motto I seem to be living by lately!  These shirts were made up for my company's Win By Losing Challenge that my team holds every year, but I've been applying this concept to everyday life, especially my hobbies.  I've had a new spark in blogging, I've been hardcore planning out video concepts (one is uploading to my YouTube channel this week if iMovie cooperates) and coming up with social strategies to get what's in my head out on my social channels.
-iPhone photo-

If I can keep this flame burning, I have a few ideas for the blog this season, some new and some you've seen! I seem to work better with putting pen to paper, in this case, words to a post, so here are a few things that I will be sharing with my viewers on Birth of a Fashion Blogger!


I started this series a little over a year and a half ago with Mad Hatter Bistro and I absolutely LOVED doing it! I do remember why I stopped - this was around the time that I received a promotion at work into the world of Human Resources, which was something that was completely new to me and it required ALL of my attention. Unfortunately, Good Eats fell to the wayside. My hope is to start back soon and I'm super excited to try new cuisine and restaurants in my area!


Earlier this year, I made a video on my 1st time thrifting (which was kind of hilarious in my opinion, lol) and haven't been back! I said that I wanted to start challenging myself to do some $20 or $30 challenges where I go and try to put together a complete outfit (minus shoes and jewelry, I have this thing about wearing other peoples old shoes and jewels. I know guys - me and my phobias). I am going to try this weekend to do a challenge and take the little one along with me. This will also be something to go up on my YouTube channel.


For the life of me, how did I used to post 2-3 times weekly? If someone can tell me please because listen... It seems like all of my multi-tasking and social outlet organizations skills went out of the window - in what world did I used to this with YOUNGER children too? Well, anyway, I would like to get back to sharing more content not only here, but on YouTube as well. I definitely have the ideas and content, just Jesus, give me the strength and an extra 12 hours in a day to complete!


I think that the only event that I've attended and actually (successfully) blogged was for The Lip Bar over 4 years ago! I did attend a Natural Hair Expo and had every intention of vlogging the event, but I didn't feel as if it was as organized as I would have liked, so I scrapped the footage. I need to find more events to attend because I would love to meet some of my fellow Michigan bloggers!


I won't give away all of my plans, just want to reiterate how much I love my platforms and how I am going to stop taking them for granted and be more serious about them. The art of creating is a gift and along with all of the ladies and gentlemen that I follow on any platform, I love doing this! :) So plan on getting tired seeing this face (hoping you won't 😌)!