fashion drops: altuzarra x target

How excited are we about the Altuzarra x Target collaboration?  Two of my favorite things, Target (which I frequent ALOT weekly) and fashion!
The funny thing is that I thought that I had to work this Sunday, September 14th, which is the same day that the collection drops,
but as it turns out, I don't! (YAY!)



 This dress!  At first site, I was a little reluctant to this dress.  It's so different from anything I own.  But once I steamed it and styled it, I fell in love!  It's so sophisticated and chic, but so very comfortable!!  How can something so beautiful be so freaking comfortable?


irregular hems...

So I've seen this dress floating around in fashion cyber space for a while now and I've been wanting it for about that long.  I finally found one that is affordable (I couldn't see myself paying upwards to $75 for it!) and I pounced on the chance at it.

I've been getting kinda slammed for it being white and wearing it after Labor Day.  If that's all I have to worry about, then I am all good!



Hey guys!!  So I can easily say that I have been wearing a lot more black and white lately!  I don't know why, but hey!  The next few fashion posts will be showing white or black and white looks and they all are from Lovely Wholesale!  


ooh wee! this volume tho...

So I have been rocking this Peruvian hair & closure from Glam Angels Hair & Closure Store and I just can't get enough of it!  It is so manageable and does exactly what I want it to do.
 I could't ask for a better unit!  Right now, it's due for a wash, but I just don't have the time right now with getting the kids ready for school next week and attempting to actually do a deep clean to my apartment (so not successful).


welcome to the jungle

Hey guys!  A little jungle action coming at you guys today compliments of my outfit!  This 2 pc. crop set comes from Choies.com.  Now when I got this, I was a little reluctant.  I did not think that this outfit flattered my figure at all.  I filmed a video a while back on it, but YouTube kept rejecting it, so I re-filmed over the weekend and this time, took pics and I am really starting to love it!  I guess I had to see it in photos because I wasn't feeling the top at first.  


oooh wee: peruvian straight hair • glam angels hair + closure store

Hey Loves!  Back with some more GAWJUS hair, but this time its coming from Glam Angels Hair and Closure Store!  I made a complete unit and I must say that this is the best one that I've made yet.  I still have more perfecting to do, but I can see the growth!

The hair that I have in from Glam Angels is their Peruvian Straight hair and I have (2) 22" bundles, a 20" and part of a 16" and from Closure Store, I have their Peruvian closure.  I absolutely LOVE this hair!  It's so manageable and easy to curl!  I am most certainly keeping this HIGH on my list!


recipe corner: pinwheel sandwiches

Hey Guys!  2 in a row!  I've been trying to make my own snack lately instead of buying them because that never turns into a healthy choice.  Yesterday I made these delicious banana, peanut butter & chocolate snacks and afterward, the kids asked for sandwiches.