cookie lyon?

Empire is one of the hottest TV shows out right now for it's story line, uniqueness and most definitely characters.
We all love the main female character Cookie Lyon for her realness and extreme sassy nature.

Last weekend I wore this bodycon dress from Lovely Wholesale to Lipstick on the Ave and I paired it with nude accessories.
I posted a photo on my Instagram + Facebook and got a few "this is so Cookie Lyon" comments.
I personally thought it was hilarious only because I am the complete opposite of her but I can see her totally wearing something like this!


grey 2 pc

Happy March Loves!
We all know that I've been talking about stepping out of my comfort zone in fashion, so here is my first venture!
I'm not completely square with my body either but what the hell!!  I'll eventually get there!
I haven't worn a true 2 piece since I was 18 years old and it was a bikini.
Main reason I love this outfit, other than it being my fav color, is because its so comfortable.
It's not so restricting and stretches to fit the curves of your body!
Best part about this is that it's from Lovely Wholesale, which has some of the best prices out here.  


new things: lola shoetique, the lip bar, house of rehab + retro city sunglasses

I don't know about you guys, but I love the suspense of knowing that I have packages on the way!
The feeling of when they arrive is even more rewarding.
We all know that I have an unhealthy craving for shoes, so that's nothing new, but I've developed a slight obsession with fashion over the last few years.  But then again, what woman hasn't?


lipstick on the ave #thelipbarmobile

This past weekend, I was invited to attend what I would call the best unveiling I've ever witnessed!  Melissa Butler, owner and fellow Detroit-er, dropped her brand new baby on the world, The Lip Bar Mobile at the infamous Thrift on the Ave in Detroit.  Melissa's Lip Bar is popular among fellow beauty enthusiasts and now, people everywhere will be able to witness the beauty of her hand crafted line with her mobile beauty services!


hairstyles for kidz: one sided braids with beads

*I don't know why my child can't take regular photos, smh*

I am still trying to get used to filming and shooting while I do her hair.  I promise to get better & more photos next time!
This week's (more like last week.  I did this on 2.8.15 and I'm late with posting) hairstyle is extremely simple going to one side.
I did this on her hair back in the summer for the first time and everyone loved them.



In my head, I am laying on the beach in 75-80 degree weather with a drink in my hand, all because I am SO over this stinking MI weather.  It could be WAY worse and I pray for everyone living in the Northeast region (they have been getting pounded this winter), but every year faithfully, I go through the winter blues!


happy valentine's day

from my family to yours!
xo, Chanda


natural hair update

Hi everyone!
I wanted to pop in and give you a natural hair update.
I did a post last month sharing with you my hair damage from sickness, and it wasn't pretty! 


valentine's day with adore me ♥

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen!  Back with a sexy haul from Adore Me!
I am really starting to "adore" this company! *see what I did there? lol*