Well, well, well!  What do we have here?  Chanda posting?  Why, YES! 💕 I know it's been a minute and honestly, I feel like my last few posts have been me apologizing for not being consistent but I think I needed this time off!  Some don't realize the amount of time put into an outlet such as a blog, and truth be told, it can be draining!  Especially when the creative side of your brain is conflicting with everything that you have going on.  I can't say that I will be as consistent as before, but I will most certainly not let 6 ENTIRE months go by without saying hello! 


Happy Spring everyone (I see the confusion on your faces)!  Well, at least it's felt like it in Michigan the last few days and I am NOT complaining!  These rays of sunshine are needed after it being so dreaded for forever it seems.  I was in such a great mood last week, that I had to start this one with these pretty pink hues paired with gold and pewter accents.  2016 was more horrible a year than good, and for a lot of us.  Still, I try to remain humble and hopeful and I feel like that dreaded cloud is slowly starting to lift from over our heads, at least in my household.  So that, plus warmth, equals a happy gal in me!


So, Happy New Year guys! 😁 I know, I know, I MUST get better!  Loads of things going on in life, but I will bore you with that in another post at a later date!  Today is all about my *already* spring-like mentality with this bright little pop of color from JustFab and remixing old favorites to come up with this cute and oh, so comfortable fit.  It's January in Michigan, so it's cold!  PLEASE forgive the coat in some of the pics, my frigid little digits couldn't take too much out in the element.


Gosh, how quick did December creep up on us? I, for one, am certainly not ready for the Holiday season or the cold weather, BUT time waits for no man!! I can say that it's been unseasonably warm for the most part here in the Midwest and I am surely not complaining. But Old Man Winter is a solid days 16 days away and I refuse to let this Winter to come in un-stylish.  Donning my first furry coat (IKR? 😲) and some vintage JustFab jeans to pull together my first warm look of the season.


My daughter has become the "REAL" MVP in my book by finishing a 4 month stint with box braids, something that I could NEVER do.  Of course, they were refreshed around the 2 month mark, but they were in her head for 4 straight months.  Me, as a mother and someone who switches hairstyles like, well, you know, was itching at taking them out.  She, on the other hand, wouldn't let me until I convinced her that her hair would fall out if she didn't let me (bad mom, I know).  So over the weekend, we took them out and refreshed her hair with what I would say are some of the best products that I've used on her hair.  Come on in and take a look at these Just For Me products that resurrected her dry, dirty hair into something that we both could smile at!


I wish you guys could've seen how excited I was when this package came.  I've been wanting a Cricut machine for like EVER and when I was contacted by Cricut through Tap Influence to test drive this, of course, I said yes!!!  For those of you who aren't familiar, this is the Cricut Explore Air 2 Cutting Machine!  It allows for intricate and precise cutting using tons of different materials, you can use their pens to make "handwritten" cards for holidays and special occasions and so much more!!  I'm SO stoked to have this and I can't wait for my first project (already know what it is)!