I thought I was going to miss these beautiful blooms since they only last a good week or two.  Every one, especially in the blogosphere, should be aware of these gorgeous Apple Blossom trees every Spring.  They are just drop dead beautiful, but the sad this is that the blooms are short lived, especially when there's wind and rain involved.  So when I seen that these were still standing strong, I  hopped on the opportunity as they probably wont be around the next time I shoot!

top: romwe || shoes + jeans: justfab || earring, old: shop miss a || bracelet, carpe diem: sole and style

I took these shots around the bend near the Somerset Collection in Troy, which around the Christmas season is absolutely GORGEOUS!  They generally go all out for any holiday and it's a very well kept mall.  A lot of folks like to joke that there's a regular priced side and the rich people side to the mall that's brought together by a skywalk.  It's kinda true, most of the higher priced, brand named stores are located on one wing of the mall, but hey, who's checking for that?  I just wanted good pics and some Chick-Fil-A!! 

Super stoked about warmer temps, later days and beautiful surroundings as our weather is finally cooperating with the rest of the worlds!  I have to try and get some cool rain shots though so I can style my Hunter rainboots and get some Mommy and Me shots done!  Before I know it, Caryss will be grown and probably wont want to shoot with her mama anymore, lol!

today's shoot location - near Somerset, Troy, MI

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This week, we have Nailil from Thirty Minus One!  
Not only was her dress the absolute cutest, her backdrop that she shot at was amazing!
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