DIY: Make a Necklace in 5 minutes!

So I am in LOVE with any related to jewelry.  I decided to try my hand at making a necklace form scratch.  I am not done with it, but for the most part I like the results.  This is what I did.
(everything used was purchased at JoAnn Fabrics)

I bouhgt a few different strands of chain (different sizes and variations)

I arranged the strands the order from smallest to largest


I then opened then end of one of the large "O" rings in the closure package,


slipped the chains on it,


and then closed it up.

I added the closure on the other end...


AND VIOLA!!!!   

We have ourselves a necklace!


Grape Satin Peep Toes from Charlotte Russe

Hey Everyone. These are the shoes that I wore to dinner @ Andiamo's. 
I have had these about 2 weeks (so I am late with this post). 
I am falling behind with my updates but I will get back on track as soon as I slow down a bit. 
Take a look at these beauties!

un-edited photos

photos edited using PhotoScape



My Latest Hairstyle

So you guys already know that I had the "BIG" debate about my hairstyle 
and things did NOT go as planned last week.  
But I am happy with the results of what had led up to the 
most beautiful sew in that I have done on myself in a long time.  
I really took my time on this because I wanted it to be perfect.  
And that it is!

CLICK HERE for the last of the vids for the hairstyle

This is how I did my makeup for the pictures

Let me know what you guys think!


My First Water Marble Tut!

I DID IT!...
 Well, sorta, lol...

I have always been interested in doing my own nails.  Its something were you can be creative and design it to you liking and it saves you money.  
I am not that skilled to where I can actually apply the acrylics yet, but I designed them.  

CLICK HERE for the video

Here are a few pics.

I know that this technique has already been out, but I owe this all to SimpleLittlePleasures on Youtube.  
She also has a blog by the same name, My Simple Little Pleasures

Take Care guys!


Night Out @ Andiamo's

Sorry for the mean muggin was so late and I was SUPER tired!


Birthday Hair Dilemma ♥ SOLVED!

Thank you for voting in my Hairstyle Dilemma Poll.  
I have finally come to a decision! 

And the winner is....

Long Layers with Center Part

So of course I am not going to leave my natural hair out because I am apart of the Summer No Heat Challenge, so I will be doing a Sew In with an Invisible Part at the top.

Thank you all for participating and keep a lookout for the vids!