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Birth of a Fashion Blogger was created by me to chronicle all of the hobbies that I love!

Hair, Fashion, Beauty, and Health, Fitness + Life!

I love to share what I know with people, as well as learn new tips to help further my knowledge.

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I love working with brands, businesses, and fellow bloggers!

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I am always looking for new items (jewelry, clothing, beauty items or hair) to share with my readers, so if you are interested in a review/feature of your product on my blog/YouTube Channel, email me. Please know that I am here to give my honest opinion. I am not paid to give a dishonest review, nor will I ever be!

I love giving back to my readers/viewers, so if you would like to provide a promotion code to the readers of Birth of a Fashion Blogger or hold a giveaway, please contact me. Rules/Stipulations for the giveaway will be decided upon between the company and Birth of a Fashion Blogger.


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