So anyone that know me (don't you love when a sentence starts this way?) knows that I am a stationary FREAK!!!  From vellums to acetate to planners to pens to notebooks to... I literally could list everything I'm in love with and it would be an entire post.  I won't do that to y'all though - instead, people let me tell you bout my best friend.  Well, in my head at least!  I have a planner instagram so that I can keep up with the latest within the planner community and I so happened to come across Cloth & Paper a few months ago and yep, I'm hooked!

One of the main reasons I love Cloth & Paper is because of the aesthetic - so streamlined and minimal, which is completely on the other side of my spectrum.  I can appreciate a clean line though, especially when its done like this.  Ashley, one of the owners, has a great eye for minimal detail - all of the designs that are sold are curated by her and her husband.  Its so refreshing to see and I'm so shocked that I've fallen in love with the simplistic, yet attractive nature that this shop has.  On top of a few orders that Ive placed, I've also subscribed to their monthly stationary box - which I must say have all been very different, even with keeping within their brand look.  I have to say that this month's box was PERFECT!  I loved every single item that came and have put some of them to work already in my Printpressions planner.

Here's what came in the July Stationary Box!

"We're stocking you up on the new Vertical Weekly style inserts through the month of September". I didn't open these because we have an entire year before I will need them, but man I can't wait!

New Password Tracker - inserts page

"The newest minimal designs for our Password Tracker inserts so you can keep track of those never-ending, ever-changing online accounts."

Architect & Engineering Grid Pad - notepads page
"Use this detailed, functional grid pad to plan out all your big ideas. Perfect for testing out bullet journaling designs and sketching layouts. 7x10 inches, 50 sheets." Listen, I canNOT wait to start using this for EVERYTHING!!! See it in action HERE!

August & September Month Cover Dashboards - dashboard page
"A little something to get your inspired at the beginning of the new month."

Ink Smear Dashboard
"Add a bold ink splash to your planner decor. Will come with a removable blue film to protect the dashboard during transit."

Conversions Dashboard
"We're continuing our reference dashboard collection with this handy conversion chart."

Mink Dot Stickers - stickers page

"You deserve a mink. Dot stickers that is. 2 sheets of transparent dot shapes."

Mink Dot Grid Sticky Notes
"Now you can put a dot grid anywhere you need it with this new sticky note design. 50 sheets."

C&P x Oliblock "Manhattan" Magnetic Clip
"You can use this magnetic clip for just about anything - a pen loop, a bookmark, a card clip, the possibilities are endless."

August, September, Everything Journaling Cards

The C&P Black Card

For reference, I have a personal wide planner (from Printpressions), which is my preferred sizing.  I am thinking of getting an A5 size for my 2021 Budget planner, especially if Cloth & Paper restocks this one.  I'm wishing I would've gotten it when it was available. If you have a serious addiction to stationary (so serious that you have a dedicated cash envelope for it), then I would HIGHLY recommend Cloth & Paper.  They have great items, fast shipping and amazing customer service.  They have a customer for life in me! (and this post is not sponsored) 😊 

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