Go shawty, its ya birthday, we gone party like it's ya birthday; we gone sip Bacardi like its ya birthday...
- In da club, 50 Cent
Welp, just like that, today starts my 39th year of life and I couldn't be more thankful for health and being with loved ones 💕 

So like always, there is a story to this post.  I actually ordered a dress and a pair of shoes from JustFab - I haven't shopped for myself in literally EONS, so I figured I'd treat myself to something nice.  Well, I placed my order on July 2nd and it actually processed over the 4th of July weekend.  I was pretty ecstatic because it's the beginning of the month - usually JF and ShoeDazzle have tons of orders from the new month beginning (they are still subscriptions, so everyone is spending those credits).  I figured my tracking would update on Monday and I would have it by the latest Thursday or Friday (their fulfillment is close to my state, so in real life, I should have received it quick).  

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Welp, great old United States Postal Service reminded me QUICK that they are not set up like that!  The crazy part is I know COVID is still a thing and is still affecting so many services around the world and shipping is most def one of them.  I am almost to the point of risking it all to try to go find  things that I need (in this case, want) locally instead of purchasing online - and y'all know I'm not set up like that!  I would rather do EVERYTHING online instead of going out in public, especially right now.  The only thing I really go out for are groceries and toiletries - other than that, I'm at home!

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Needless to say, the tracking for the outfit I'd ordered to shoot for my birthday hasn't budged since July 6th and I have NOTHING new to share with you guys for this special day.  I went through a moment where I was ready to unload on USPS, but what would that do?  Those ladies and gentlemen have the daunting task of delivering our mail and packages on a daily basis, while risking their health to do so.  Once it arrives, I will go out (safely) and shoot to share with you guys.  Until then, lesson learned - order earlier! 😊

This one is also bittersweet because we were supposed to be at Disney World right now (7/11 through 7/16) but I couldn't chance it.  I actually cancelled this vacation in April once things started going downhill with the pandemic because I couldn't trust that life would be back to normal by now.  I'm glad I trusted my gut because even though they are back open now, Florida is definitely a hotspot at the moment and I didn't want our 1st Disney experience to be coupled with a global pandemic.  We will be patient (save some more money for this trip in the meantime) and go when the time is right!

broke out in hives in this photo 😩 I swear I can't ever win!

Have a great week everyone!
I have today and tomorrow off and I don't think I am going to exude one ounce of productivity! 

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