...this heart of mine, keeps dreaming of you and it's crazy, babe; you'd think I'd had enough now baby...  Another sad love song - Toni Braxton
Soooo a year, a COMPLETE and WHOLE year has passed (a little bit more actually) since I've last written on this baby! What could I possibly have been doing to neglect my FAVORITE platform for an entire year? Your guess = better than mine! Other than the fact that the last few months we've seemed to get ourselves caught up in a pandemic, I have absolutely no clue or answer to these questions. I do know that I've missed it - the interaction between readers, the collaboration with brands (this one maybe not as much) and just the overall art of creation. Photography, as minimal as my platform is, is my release - the satisfaction of nursing an idea through to its completion is the best feeling anyone can ask for.

nothing in this post is new - all very old pieces that I can't find online (I'm sorry)

This past June, my blog celebrated it's *I have no clue how many years* blog-iversary.  I've only really celebrated it once, but if I can remain consistent over this next year, I will have an all out and over the top celebration!  This is something that I want to work on - I've said it countless times.  Now I just have to put it in motion.  I can absolutely remember last time I celebrated my blogs anniversary; oh how I can remember the day and shoot.  A few parking lots over from my apartment and there was some sort of small event happening in the building this parking lot belonged to.  I remember the ladies cheering me on as I was shooting (y'all know I have an undying fear of people, right?).  But I absolutely LOVED how the photos turned out, even if the formatting is completely different than what it is now and that post still rings true - countless theme/template changes, a couple different names, content change from beauty over to fashion.  This blog was created to run alongside my YouTube channel (this is a-WHOLE-nother post for a different day, I promise!) but I am so proud of what my little space on the inner-webs has come out to be, no matter how inconsistent I've been. come's the strings, then somebody sings; only take a beat, and then it starts killing me darling!

So, funny story - as you probably see between these shots, my shirt flipped the script.  When I was changing into my sandals, BOTH of my sleeves decided that all their life the've had to fight and didn't feel like it was worth it anymore, LOL.  That's the thing with these shirts is that any wrong move and it's a wrap.  I honestly was fine with it since it was basically an oven out, the less I wore, the better it (sorta) felt.  I will attach them back eventually, but I kind of like the tube look.

I hope that you all have been doing well, I know that it's been rough!  
What are you most excited about in these days - mine is just for the health of my family!  
I'm excited to start back blogging and remain consistent with it.  It's kinda tough when you don't really want to go out in the world, but I'll go out where there are no people, wear my mask, take my shots and run back home!
I will see you guys in the next one! (I promise) 

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