I hate to be the Debbie Downer on this Mother's Day, especially since I am a mother to 2 wonderful kiddos - it's just not one of my faves anymore.  Right now, it's Tuesday, May 7th - I'm waiting on an important video chat BUT I've also begun writing this post because I know that this would be HELLA difficult on Sunday evening after the day is done.  Who knows, I could be wrong - but I doubt it.  Mother's Day hasn't been that great for me mentally for over 10 years.  It's a pure struggle in fact!  I wish I didn't come across so selfish, but my feelings are quite apparent in this very moment and it hurts.
Fast forward to Sunday night, 11:17 pm - I hope that you all enjoyed your Mother's Day!  My weekend was actually really nice despite my feelings of wanting it over.  Saturday, we had brunch at Kuzzo's and hubby and I went out to dinner.  Sunday, did a little Target shopping and spent an ETERNITY waiting for a table at Bahama Breeze for dinner.  Ended out the night watching Game of Thrones (fact - which I've NEVER watched an episode EVER, but you know, it made the hubby happy, so....).  How did you spend your weekend?