I've completely been off my workout game since around October, and it gives me all kinds of anxiety. Starting over is always so hard, especially when it comes to exercising. I haven't even been too worried about either - that was until my doctor told me that my BMI was in the "overweight" range. You can always count on the docs to bring you down and make you face reality. And it's not like I haven't known it was time to start taking my health more seriously. I have to keep constantly keep reminding myself "Chanda, you are REALLY closer to 40 than you are to 30 babes!"

top (kathie seamless hoodie), pants (mila pocket legging) + shoes (zuma studio sneaker): fabletics

lips: copenhagen, nyx

The crazy thing is I am actually at the weight that I was striving for - 175 (never afraid to disclose and it's just not situated in the right places.) and the doctor telling me that I'm considered overweight doesn't scare me at all. My fear is that once I do start to work out is that I will drop too much weight and lose my curves. That happened a few years after I gave birth to Caryss and I was on my P90x/P90x2 kick and when I got sick about 3 1/2 years ago. I love my "thickness", I just have to figure out how to lose the gut weight and get in shape overall without losing too many pounds (any assistance would be more than welcomed).

Let's get into this fit! I purchased these items (along with some more) from Fabletics around Black Friday last year when they were having a MONSTER sale. Sad thing is all of my items literally sat in my closet in their bags AND in the storage bag they came in until last weekend. Talk about motivation, smh. After all of my credits, I think I ended up paying maybe $10 or $15 for like $250 worth of clothing - Yep, that great of a sale!! I bought 3 pair of leggings, 3 tops, a sports bra, and a pair of shoes. I have to say that this was my fave set out of all of them, partially because olive green is one of my favorite colors (check the #oliveobsession hashtag), but also because these items are so much different than what I already own. Check the Fabletics playlist here!
Okay, so (A) - I literally NEVER buy anything in white PURPOSEFULLY!  I am a stain magnet and I'm always afraid that I will get it dirty and (2), I usually get my Fabletics leggings in extra long since I have long legs.  Lately, they've been making their regular inseam longer or some other kind of witchery because I've been able to wear them and still have an excess in length (y'all, these long legs of mine - finding pants that are long enough are a gem!).  I also love the mesh panel and side pockets on them, such a cute and fashionable touch!
These shoes are EXTRA comfortable.  I was a little leery of buying them because I'm so used to my Nikes - I was afraid that they wouldn't fit right or not hold up.  I was totally wrong!  They fit great, have an insanely cushiony insole and have held up thus far!  I'm gonna have to take a look at their other shoe models, because if these come in pink, they are mine - no question!
Alright, so enough of my workout woes! The only thing to do at this point is to start! I plan on getting to it starting in April - I am going to challenge myself to get back active and document it (like always) on my fitness IG (you are welcome to come by and follow if you'd like) and if you have a goal, tell me what it is! I would love to get some new ideas to adopt into my regimen! For now, I will continue to plan this thing out! Talk to you later loves! (the linkup will be back once I see that I'm consistent with posting)

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