I totally forgot to ask y'all on Monday, HOW WAS YOUR MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND?  I didn't do the traditional with the barbeques and parades #TBH it gets a little played, especially when in little over a month, we will be doing it again!  Friday, I worked until 6 and Saturday, absolutely NOTHING, which is rare in my household on a weekend.  So glad the school year is winding down!  It will be great to actually sleep in on some Saturdays and Sundays with no " Mom, take me here" schedule.
top + shorts: house of rehab || shoes: champs sports (old) || glasses: five below || earrings: tiffany + co.

Sunday and Monday, I dedicated to shooting for the blog in between chillin' with my family. Honestly, it was too hot to go out and really enjoy, but we made the best of what we had (and again, I'm not complaining about the warmth #welcomeSummer). On Monday, we ventured downtown to Campus Martius to see the new installment by Kaws (IG, wiki) named "WAITING". I love going down to Campus Martius, whether cold or warm, it's just so beautiful and there's so much to get into now with all of the new developments.
Once I was done STALKING this fixture and asking the attendant 12,937 questions, we headed over to Detroit Water Ice Factory for some sweet treats!  The perfect way to cool down and regroup before we headed over to the Fountain.  Since it was so warm out (and I knew I wanted to shoot this), I decided that I would wear my latest from House of Rehab!  And boy, did this fit get some attention!  Most people LOVED it - the nod to the 90's with the biker shorts and "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" word coloring on the top.  Some (of the older folks and mamas with their kiddos) looked at me like "WTF are you wearing?!"  I'm like "you can't tell me NOTHING in this fit (and I'm a mama tooπŸ’πŸΎ‍♀️)- totally feeling it and can't WAIT to wear it again!!  House of Rehab NEVER lets me down! - Check out House of Rehab and I over the years!

Hilarious (and oh so sad) fact about me - I'm TERRIFIED of falling water!  Like, I will keel over and DIE if I'm around it for too long!  I know, super WEIRD, but it's true.  Fountains that spout up high and the water falls back down, waterfalls, ANYTHING of the sort.  I really don't know why or what triggers this fear, but imagine me standing here, looking at this fountain, WAITING on Caryss to tell me "I've got the shot, Mom!" but she never does!  I can't close my eye because I can HEAR the water and if I do close them, the oh, so scary water monster is going to get me!! 😩😩 My knees literally almost buckled at some point out of fear of this thing!  But hey, that's #bloggerlife for you!
After playing a little basketball (or watching at least😩) and walking around a little longer, we dropped my Mother In Law off and headed back home to shower, eat and get ready for the rest of the work week!  More family adventure to come this weekend with my oldest (photobombing me below) graduating High School *GASP* 😨 I still don't know if I've come to the realization that I am the mother of an adult person!!  If I can hold myself together for at least 2 seconds, I will try to get some shots in after the ceremony BUT I already know that I will probably be a babbling wreck and I've gladly accepted that! πŸ™‹πŸΎ‍♀️: What are your plans for the weekend?!

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today's shoot location - Campus Martius, Detroit, MI