Ok, so let's talk about this Hunter X Target drop that happened over the weekend!  If you got a chance to experience it, then you probably already know what I am about to say.  But for those who were smart enough to stay at home and shop online, let me give you my experience.  I am one for a good Target collaboration!  I've been to the Altuzarra drop and I've talked about both the Toms and Lily Pulitzer drops, but this one was a way different experience than the others!
I had it all planned that Caryss and I would get up and be out of the house around 7:30 to go to the Troy Target since I know that one typically carries the most of the items that drop when Target collaborates with other brands.  And we were out by 7:35a and arrived at Target at around 7:45a.  It was raining, so perfect weather for the items that we were going for, but we didn't dress for rainy weather at all!
I didn't get a photo of the line outside of the store, but you get the gist of how many folks were there just based on the photos below.  Excuse my language scripted on my Instagram story vid, but y'all, I don't do well in these kind of situations.  This is why I don't Black Friday shop!
My sole intent on going for this drop was to try stuff on for this post and to get Caryss and I a pair of boots, an umbrella, maybe a bag and raincoat for Caryss and I and the oversized sweater dress (not on the site anymore).  By the time we made it to the area where the Hunter collection sat, it was sheer pandemonium!  People were shoving and pushing and the only thing I could think of was if someone put their hands on my daughter, that store wouldn't exist anymore! Nonetheless, I finally wiggled my way to grab the last 2 size 8 rain boots (great thing about having a daughter that's almost my height is that we wear the same shoe size in most shoes) and I picked up a few other things.  The sweater dress was actually sold online only (and all sold out at this time).  When I saw that I wasn't getting anywhere else, I headed to checkout and left!
I promised Caryss a Starbucks treat for heading out with me so early, so we went to my local area Target, which was wayyy quieter and they had more items there because most people don't usually go to this one for drops.  It's smaller than the one in Troy, so they usually don't get all of the pieces.  None of Targets brick and mortar stores actually got the tall boots, which I was a little bummed about, but I already have a tall pair, so it wasn't so bad.  I really wanted to get Caryss a pair because the ones that I bought for her (at regular price, smh) were too small (still sitting brand new in the box, so if anyone needs a size 6 pair of bubblegum pinks, I got you).  I was able to try on a few things before we got our sugary treats.
This Chain Trim sweater has to be my favorite clothing piece and the Hooded Trench Coat in Khaki is a must have! (yes, we looked ROUGH going in there, LOL)
I kinda liked this Packable Raincoat for Caryss but it was just a little too "not girly" for me!
All in all, I was quite okay with everything that we got!  We ended up with the Waterproof Ankle Boots, we both ended up with a Large Push Bag and a Small Pouch Bag and I got a Wallet in Pink.  I am going to keep an eye out on the sweaters (here and here) just in case they end up on sale.  $30 isn't expensive for a sweater, but I need to feel like I got a good deal on them!  How'd it go for you and Hunter for Target?  Did you get what you wanted or did you sit this one out?
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