"...And that's just what I'll do!  One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you!"  These boots TOTALLY deserved that intro, don't you think?  I've been totally OBSESSING over these GAWJUS™ walkers and every time I wear them, I get tons of compliments!  They are OTK boots, but can be slouched a little to wear as knee highs.

top: champs sports || boots: cara from justfab

Not to try and outshine my boots, I dressed them with this Men's sweater that I wore as a dress (the first time, It has totally shrank up since then).  My husband came home with this sweater in his size and I tried it on and fell in LOVE!  The funny thing is that he already knew what to do from there, he said "I'll go back and get you one in your size!" 😂  Since they were on sale, I got both colors that were available! 

I was too stoked this week when I went out scouting for new shooting locations and found this gem!  I believe it's an abandoned building (or they may be about to start construction on it) with this parking structure attached to it.  I absolutely LOVE not so pretty backdrops when shooting most times.  I've been looking for abandoned churches and other structures to try.  This one also has an upper deck to it that I can't wait to shoot on.  It was too icy today and I wasn't trying to transform into Frozone!

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