Ah, the return of the olive booties!  You guys certainly know that I have 2 obsessions (other than shoes itself and shiny things) which are grey and olive.  Whoever was mixing up colors back in the day and came up with this one is the REAL MVP!  The great thing about olive is that it can be dressed against mainly every color, giving endless opportunities for different looks!  This week is flying along FAST and it brings us to day 3 of the NEW SHOES series.

So these would have to be my FAVORITE ones that come from AMI Club Wear.  I am super impressed by the quality of these vs. the cost.  They, unlike the previous ones, are super sturdy and easy to get into.  Once you adjust the laces to your comfort, you can enter and take off using the side zip and never have to worry about adjusting again!  The open panel in the front adds a little more pizzazz, if you will, to this already gorgeous shoe!

Unlike the others, they debuted in my BTAFY, JWMY post (acronym) and paired it with an olive green tank dress/pink kimono.  This is a fit that I would actually wear in real life (y'all bloggers know that sometimes we wear things "for the blog" that we wouldn't wear in real life, I've been a lot less of that though) and these shoes are just as wearable.  Here's a memory jog:

Make sure to check out AMI Club Wear, specially if you want these boots (they come in Taupe also)!  I am sure they will sell out fast.  Check below if you want an in action video and a refresher of what this week has shown!  Happy Thursday Loves!  See you tomorrow with some DAZZLE!

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