Happy Tuesday everyone!!  Today, I am back with another pair of for the NEW SHOES vault!  This is a fun way for me to put my babies on display with hopes that the world would view them the way I do.  I have this sexy pair of strappy stilettos up next for the showing that can be paired with some skinnies or something a little dressier.  Come on in and see these in action!

So these beauties are also from AMI Club Wear and I was on the fence with these.  As pleasing to the eye as they are, I have issues with them.  One of them is the fact that you have to un lace the entire shoe in order to get it on despite it having a side zip.  The laces toward the bottom of the shoe are too tight for your foot to fit into, therefore, we need to unlace.  That wouldn't be so bad if there were tips on the ends of the laces to help guide them back through the hole.  It's hard by it being an unfinished end to get back through the hole.  I had to use a thicker sewing needle to get them back in successfully! 

The second thing is that with certain steps taken, the shoes don't feel as sturdy as I would want it to.  Not to say that the heel would break just with the simple act of walking, but if there was some heavy duty partying or a drunken night (hey, it happens), I wouldn't be as confident that the heel would survive!  All in all, they are a really cute and fun pair of shoes to own, I just have to rock them cautiously! 

Make sure you check out AMI Club Wear!  I am still a super fan of them and I can't wait until I get my next haul!  Check out these babies in action below and let me know your thoughts!

Did you miss yesterday's post?  Here's a refresher!