"I'm just preparing my impromptu remarks."
-Winston Churchill

The family and I were all over the place this weekend.  Saturday, one of my best friends got married and I was her matron of honor and I have to say that this was the wedding of the year for me!  It was such an honor to hold this title for someone that means so much to me.  Sunday was supposed to be dedicated to shooting for the blog most of the day, but of course, like most plans in my life, that didn't happen. 😩

jacket: justfab || sweater: f21 || pants: gift, old || sneaks: footlocker
sunglasses: shop boga boga

First off, I woke up at around 8 am with intention of going to check out a new cookie place (you'll read about it on Thursday) BUT ended up falling back to sleep and not waking back up until 12:15 pm!  So listen, the last time I slept in that long, I had to be in high school.  8:30-ish am is about the latest I ever sleep in so between the wedding duties and the drinks from Saturday, I was one tired soul.  Once I was coherent and cleaned up, we headed over to my mother in laws for a little and then got cookies.

Afterwards was supposed to be a few shoots around Downtown Detroit but yall, the way my luck was set up, everything that could have been a roadblock, was!  I said "F" it and almost gave up!  I didn't even get dressed once we got down there.  We ended up passing by my favorite Detroit alley, The Belt, and I said "can someone take a few shots of me?"  Hubby + Caryss came to the rescue because they knew how disappointed I was and hooked me up with a few shots, hence this post is born!  I have to come back down here before it gets too cold and get some PROPER shots done and I will be doing some of my son's *gulp* SENIOR pics here! Y'all, I have a 12th grader!


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