HELLO!  A lot of you may remember me, lol!  J/K, but seriously, let's go down the list real quick and catch up! Happy Last Day of School, Happy Independence Day, Happy [insert number of] Vacation(s), Happy First Day of Summer, Happy Birthday to Me [July 13th], Happy Anniversary to Me [August 15th], Happy Labor Day and everything in between!  I've gained a few and lost a bunch of people following this blog, I've kinda forgot how I typically format my photos for the blog and I have to learn everything all over again!  HA!  But I hope to officially say I'm back (consistently)!  Hope you missed me as much as I've missed interacting with you!

matching set: wear all || shoes: (nera) justfab || necklace: f21 (old) || hair: jaz jackson collection
lipstick: nyx copenhagen 

I'm pretty bummed because the season that I really love is on it's way out of the door and I totally missed it.  It was a pretty hot one too, one of the hottest summers we've had in a while.  While I am going to try my best to enjoy the rest of what's left, I know what's knocking come September 22nd.  FALL!  I have to say though, Fall might be a tie for second place with Spring.  There is definitely something about the cooler, crisp air and, of course, the fashion that surrounds it that's intriguing.  I shot this amazing knitted jogging suit on a Saturday morning when in the low 70's out and while it's certainly built for Fall, I wasn't dying hot in it!

This is probably my fave jogging set yet!  This comes from an online site called and there are a couple key pointers to shopping their site!  Their size chart is UK sizing and its way off from our US metric, so please, please, PLEASE (for your own sanity) take a look at the size charts.  Another thing is since it is an overseas company, it's gonna take a little longer to receive your items!  If you need something for the weekend, this isn't the place for you if you live in the states.  It took a couple weeks for me to get my package.
Now, I actually planned on returning with this big, flashy post, but once I started planning for it, I was like NAHHHH!  I had to stay true to my roots and be comfortable, lol.  This jogging suit fell into my lap at the right time and I think its the perf return fit!  Paired with these GAWJUS™ (lol) shoes from JustFab and I have the perfect outfit for a movie date or just hanging out.
Happy Wednesday loves! Kiddos are back in school, so how are utilizing your free time, if any?
See you guys Friday!
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