4 weeks and a day until Spring starts guys!  I've been in countdown mode ever since the Fall began, lol!  I haven't went completely bonkers yet since we've had a mild Winter (so far).  I am normally in straight pull-hair-out-from-the-root mode from the Winter-time Blues by now (it's a REAL thing guys, look it up)!  The day I shot these, the sun was shining, it wasn't too cold and I felt GREAT, like NOTHING could get in the way of me experiencing pure happiness!   I've been wanting to share my army green items since Santa gave them to me this past Xmas, it's just been a little too cold.  Decided to share just the top of one of the fits I got and layer up in my comfy Tartan Plaid scarf!

hat: old | scarf + toppants: forever XXI | bag: justfab | shoes: shop500 boutique
coat [lole]: moosejaw | cup: girlbuy | lippie: ruby woo - MAC | chain: old
Now, the funny thing about this outfit is that my husband, a.k.a my so-called fashion stylist, purchased these pants from Forever XXI not knowing that they were in their mens collection.  I had no clue until I looked them up for this post.  I find it hilarious not only because it's a known fact that he NEVER reads ANYTHING, also because I love them sooo much!  Super comfy and I was wondering why they didn't shrink too much when they were washed/dried! #doublewin
I purchased this bag back when I got my lovely blue shoes from JustFab and my gosh, I've put some miles on it!  It's one of the most versatile, yet stylish bags that I own and I am so glad that I got it.  Sucks that I'm just know putting it in a post!  The wind was still a little bit of a factor, decided to bring my "MsChanda Coffee" cup out that I bought from GirlBuy!  Can be totally customized to what you want it to say and I'm a Starbucks addict, so it was pure fate! 
Happy Friday and Weekend Loves! This weekend is supposed to be unseasonably warm (50's) and I'm pretty sure we will be outside doing something! :)
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