Winter decided to finally make its debut here in Michigan over the last couple days making it unbearable to go out and take pics, so I decided to do a simple and quick hair pictorial on one of the latest hair trends!  I used to wear my hair like this all of the time about 10 years (geesh) ago and as with all trends, this one has made its way back around.  A little bit of a disclaimer, my hair is super icky and I didn't want to go back through my roots and straighten them to avoid possible damage, so it's a little oily and natural at the roots!  Oh the joys of being female!

Let's begin.  Normally I would tell you to start with freshly washed/dried hair, but again, pure laziness and cabin fever took over this post, so I'd say just start with your hair, lol!
You want to part you hair across the crown of your head, creating 2 sections, one for the braids and one for the ponytail (1).  The parts don't have to be straight because this is supposed to be a quick hairstyle.  Then you want to section the back of your head into three sections (2).  Clip off the two end sections and begin braiding (3).
I originally wanted to do over hand braids, but because my hair is so oily/dirty at this time, underhand braids looked way better.  You can do which ever you choose!  The difference you may ask?  Overhand is taking the strands over top of each other, while underhand is taking them underneath.  I wish I could do a pictorial/tutorial on the difference between the two, but I've been told I braid with "TOO MANY FINGERS" which makes it difficult to explain.
Make sure when you are braiding that you don't make your braids tight so that you can pull them apart to look messy (4).  Do this for the remaining sections (5) and viola!  You can do as many braids as you like.  Three put me in my happy place! :)
Grab the second section and put that, along with the braids, into a loose bun at the top or crown of your head! Since I'm not blessed with Rapunzel-esque tresses, I needed a little assistance with my pony and I don't want to cut bangs so those are faux as well!
Wrap wefts of hair around your pony and secure with hair pins if you are using additional hair. (6)  For my bangs, I cut a portion of the weft and secured to the base of my faux pony once it was done.  At this point, wrap loose hair around to create your bun (7, faux or real hair)
Step 8 shows me cutting the additional hair to create bangs. (I know I'm holding the shears wrong, again, laziness).
Flat iron the bangs and we are done!  This would literally take me 10 mins to do on a normal day (a little longer this day since I needed photos). I didn't spray any holding or setting spray since my hair is experiencing a serious case of product build-up already.  But this would be the step to do so, if needed!  What are your thoughts on the return of the sloppy bun with back braids?  Have or will you try it?  I love it - something fun and quick to do!  I will post again once my hair is clean and straightened the way I like it! :) Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend Loves!
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