Happy mid week everyone!!  No fashion post today, but I do want to share with you my latest "baby" added to the collection.  If you guys have been with me for a while, then you know that my first love is my hair.  It's been my thing since about age 15, my love for creating different styles and pushing limits.  This unit has got to be one of the most diverse styles I've tried in a long time. The fact that I can straighten it or keep it in it's kinky state is a hair connoisseur's dream!

This beauty comes from Best Lace Wigs.  It's 22" of just pure gorgeousness!  I'll run specs below!
Kinky Straight Lace Wig style #GSW147
Hair Color: #1b
Hair Length: 22inches
Cap Construction: cap09 Lace Front Wig Cap

So, a couple things with this unit.  I'm probably sure this was my own fault, but I didn't realize that this was a lace FRONT unit and not a full lace wig.  I really dont mind though because there is enough parting space at the top and I usually have leave out, so it's not problem for me.  Also, which happens more often than not, the color is a lot lighter than what I consider a 1b to be.  I don't know if the color chart for hair color has changed over the years, but my interpretation of a 1b is the darkest brown, not true brown,  Nonetheless, I am still in love with it.  If it bothers me too much, I'll just take a couple boxes of brown black hair color to it! :)  Time for some texture shots!
Now this unit did not come with the fabulous waves in it.  It's straight in nature and I did a flexi set on it.  Take a look at my video if you want to see how this look was achieved!  So in closing, I love this wig and it's definitely not going anywhere!!!  Best Lace Wigs - GSW147!
See you guys on Friday!