Happy Halloween Eve everyone! Typically I don't do cute Halloween. I am usually some kind of zombie or gory creature because I like to push myself to see what I am capable of creating. This year, I really didn't have enough prep time, so I opted for something a little more traditional. A cop! I decided that this years alter ego would be Officer Badesco and this name stuck in my head from an episode of Victorious where Tori (Victoria Justice) was in character as a cop who LOVED Raisin Bran. No Raisin Bran for me today, just straight copper!

This get up comes from AMI Clubwear and boy, oh boy, is it sexy!  It's a tight fitting, one piece jumpsuit that hugs in ALL place, right or wrong, that's up to you!  While I am not happy I lost so much weight, I think this looks damn good on me!  Mini review:  I am wearing a med/lar and it fits like a glove!  It even has a great inseam length (not pictured).  Extremely comfortable.  My opinion, go sans anything underneath unless you don't mind lines showing.  I am "bare" underneath and the fabric is thick enough to keep all lady parts concealed with no problem!
Now this set comes with the officer bodysuit, a badge and the hat.  I purchased the officer belt and handcuffs from Party City to tie the rest of the outfit together.  AMI Clubwear does sell the extras and I should have purchased them from there because this one from Party City isn't worth the $17 that I paid for it.  The Party City set comes with the belt, the firearm w/pouch, a flashlight w/pouch, a radio w/pouch, a billy club (not pictured) and plastic handcuffs w/key.  I purchased another pair of handcuffs that look more realistic.  The reason I say it's not worth it is because the actual belt is sooo cheap!  It was glued to the package and when I took it out, some of the black coloring came off from the glue AND it's ill fitting.  If it had a better belt then this would have been a thumbs up.
I wanted to make this as cutesy as possible, so I added my Altuzarra for Target over the knee boots.  These have easily become my favorite otk boots and with the straps, they fit perfect for this look.   Weather permitting, I will be wearing this on Saturday to go trick-or-treating with the kiddos, but I will wear flat boots with it.  MI weather is iffy every year, but I am hoping that it will cooperate for us.
What are your plans for the weekend?  I will be out with the kiddos collecting candy!
Have a safe and fun Halloween and a great weekend!  
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