This has got to be one of my faves this year so far!  I've been really embracing 2 pc. sets (even though my body hasn't, smh), so I set out to find more that were reasonably priced, but still, with great quality!  It's so many to choose from out these days, so I really try to pick one based on what I haven't seen.  I think I hit the nail on the head with AMI Club Wear!

I've been a fan of AMI Club Wear for years now! The inner shoe freak in me would sit on their site for HOURS and browse through their (seems like) hundreds of shoes. I seen this gorgeous 2 pc set on their site and knew I had to have it! I ordered my regular size and it fits like a charm. I will say, if your "ladies" are bigger than mine, you may not want to consider. There is not a lot of "shelf room" in the top. Other than that, I love everything else about it. I was a little too shy about removing my jacket when taking these for several reasons (that we won't get into, lol).
2 pc. set: AMI Club Wear // jacket: [sold out] shop500boutique  // shoes + clutch: justfab
earrings: tiffany + co // lippie: [bought at BSS] Ruby Kisses "Purple Affair" online ()
This set is considered denim, but it's more like a denim-like material.  IT has SOME stretch in.  I'm am not gonna to lie, when I was walking to and from the camera checking my shots, I could've used a little more, but hey, the price of beauty.  I think I appreciate the fit though.  If it had too much stretch, it would lose shape throughout the day and LORD knows, no one wants to walk around with saggy, ill-fitted clothing.
AMI Club Wear is the perfect place to find something uber sexy without breaking the bank! Head over there to get this set and others like it (it's only $24.99 people)! I have more goodies to share with you guys later in the week from AMI, so make sure you're following my blog and social networks to be updated on when its posted! Let me know what you think and how you would style this!