You ever have those moments where you want to put something beautiful in not so beautiful surroundings? (see what I did there, lol) I find that some of the greatest shooting locations are the most unexpected ones. I've passed by these meters daily for years and the other day it just clicked.  Why not shoot some photos here? And not just any ol' regular pics.  The outfit has to be GREAT!

It's crazy to look at my fitness progress and actually start seeing results. I am still a ways from my ideal body, but damn, I think I look good 2 kids later and creeping up on 34 y.o. I know you've noticed me wearing more fitted/2 piece outfits. This GORGEOUS set and boots comes from AMI Club Wear. I wore another 2 piece set earlier this week from them and I love them both.
 2 pc set + boots: AMI club wear // bag: lovely wholesale // solid midi ring: justfab (5 pc set)
I decided to break up the beige with gold accessories. I remember when there was a time that I absolutely HATED gold, I would only wear silver! Now going through my jewelry stash, it's mostly gold. Crazy thing called evolution, huh? This amazing neck piece from Sassy Jones Boutique was the perfect staple to this outfit! It's bold presence just seals the deal with the feel of the look.  I also paired a pair of crown earrings with my crown ring to bring a regal look and set the tone of "Bow down B*****s!" (lol) Earrings and Ring also from Sassy Jones Boutique

AMI Club Wear hasn't disappointed me at all.  If you are looking for sexy, great fitting pieces at and extremely low price, AMI Club Wear is the place.  I couldn't believe the quality of my items for how much they are.  They are most definitely winning in my book!  Make sure to keep up with me by following the blog and social media of your choice!  Links below!