All kinds of birthdays going on this month.  This one's dedicated to my little blog that turns 5 years old today. My content has changed, themes and templates have changed (SO many times) and the latest change has been the introduction of fashion to the lineup!  The name of my blog, for a long time, was YOU MAY ENTER (for those of you who's been with me for a while, you remember) and oh MY, how the photography has changed!

I created this blog as my piece of the web to document everything that went on with my YouTube channel.  It's so fun to see how it's evolved over the years, especially with the photography (I can't talk about that enough).
skirt : Cest Ça NY // top: lovely wholesale // shoes: justfab // clutch: dresslink
earrings: tiffany + co/f21
Now, of course, I had to show up and show out with today's outfit!  Anyone who truly knows Chanda knows that I am infatuated with big tutus and everything that has either a bow or lace on it.  If I could, I would be in one or more of these items EVERYDAY!  This skirt has to be my FAVORITE piece of everyday wear I own right now (I had to slip that "everyday wear" in because nothing is beating that Vera Wang bridal gown at all)!
Everything about this screams GIRL!  It comes from a company named Cest Ça NY [shop - instagram - facebook] (pronounced /sɛ sa/ meaning "this is it" in French).  They specialize in delicate tulle and lace garments for brides and all ladies who like elegant, classy clothes.  This beauty is called Cassie and it's in their Dove Grey (y'all know I have an obsession about anything grey). Cassie is 7 layers or pure gorgeousness and like their other skirts, it's handmade!  Couple specs: 7 layers of fine tulle - satin non see through lining - below the knee length - stretchy waistband.  More info can be found on their site!  I couldn't imagine wearing anything else to commemorate this special occasion!
it was so windy out that tears started flowing, lol
For anyone that is in total with this like I am, you can get 10% off until 6/30/15 with code MSCHANDA10!  A great little perk for such a beautiful skirt!  I have another beauty from Cest Ça NY to share later this week, so make sure that you're following the blog and my social media to be updated!  All of my links are below!
This little blog of mine takes a lot to run, I have moments where I want to give up,  I get frustrated with it but on the other hand I love writing up these posts, sharing my style, meeting new people (via the web) and what girl doesn't like to play dress up?  I wouldn't change it for the world!  On to the next 5!
I want to Thank you all from the bottom of my heart that read my little blog!
Happy 5th Birthday Birth of a Fashion Blogger!