It's always a great thing when the postman comes!  Last week, I received my NuMe Lustrum set and I couldn't be more in love with a hair tool (well, other than my Jilbere flat iron)!  I have a NuMe 32 mm classic reverse curling wand that works great, but with this one, I can change out the barrel if I wanted to add volume and texture with different sized irons.
Like I mentioned above, the Lustrum set includes the base for the wands and 5 interchangeable 100% Tourmaline-infused ceramic coated barrels.  Tourmaline technology means 600% more negative ions are disbursed into hair, sealing in natural moisture and providing the most superior shine to tight, medium-width, or loose, tumbling curls!  A heat resistant glove also comes with this package!  
I love how it is packaged inside of this heat resistant carrying case!  Each barrel and the wand base has it's own slot and the glove and power cord have stretchy bands to keep them in place!
The heads are attached, then you turn the base to the "locked" position to secure.  Sorry I didn't get any photos of this, but I will be uploading a video showing how it works along with a mini tutorial!
Here are some examples of how the barrels curl!  I totally need to work on that pearl wand because that's just tragic! :) I think that the investment is totally worth it, especially if you're into hair care (or hair in general)! We all like to look good, so getting great tools is only the half!  If you are interested in this Lustrum set, or just for great hair tools, check out NuMe's selection!  You wont be disappointed!