My husband is by far the biggest sneaker aficionado that I know.  Whenever he's in the mall (which is frequent because we don't live far from it) he makes his rounds to all of the shoe stores, where they know him by name or presence.  His relationship with them is like my relationship with mail carriers and delivery services. SCARY!  

When I seen these shoes, I knew that I needed them. I stalked them every time I went to the mall to see if they would ever go on sale for a long time! And of course, they never did! My husband surprised me this past Christmas and gifted them to me because he knows that I am not as much of a sneaker fanatic as he is. I generally wear all white Air Force 1's, but as of lately, I've been diving a little into his world and making bolder choices!
top + watch: target // skirt: lovely wholesale // bag: mart of china // shoes: footaction
earrings: body central // bracelet: forever xxi
This is one of my favorite outfits to date.  I am so laid back but I like to be stylish also and hey, who says you can't marry the two?  Let me know your thoughts on this one.  Completely different than any other look that I've posted, but I love it!! :)