Hi everyone!  I wanted to pop in and give you a natural hair update.  I did a post last month sharing with you my hair damage from sickness, and it wasn't pretty! 

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Well, I have been working hard at getting it back in shape.  I haven't been doing anything over the top for maintenance.  I've been using the Tresemme Moisture Rich Collection (purchased in a Target store, -online -shampoo, conditioner).  I've also done a Black Tea Treatment along with my deep conditions every week.

I can't seem to bring myself to let anyone put their hands in my hair, so I decided to take my chance at my trim (2.9.15).  I can do everything but the back, which I am sure a lot of folks can't.  I will eventually go and let a professional do it, maybe before the summer.

I took some comparison pics so that you can see the difference a month makes.
I'll be updating you guys in about another month to see the progress!  Do you have any other simple hair remedies?  I would love to hear them!