Hey Everyone!  I decided to film me doing my little ones hair yesterday because a lot of mamas out there ask for inspiration for their little girls hair.  I haven't went through the footage yet to see if it turned out well.  If it does, I'll attach it to the bottom of this post once it's on YouTube!

I generally braid Caryss' hair every other week.  The last couple weeks I let her hair take a break from the braids and she wore ponytails, which needs daily upkeep.  She has a tendency to take FOREVER in the morning to get ready, which makes me rush to comb her hair.  So I had to braid that stuff back up for both of our sanity!

This time around, I did a simple, half up/half down style and added beads as usual.  I add braiding hair to her braids to make it last longer AND because she cut one of her ponytails at school last year  (which INFURIATED me, sigh!) and its uneven in certain spots.  Once it grows out to my liking, I'll cut it even and ditch the braiding hair!
I'll be sharing her hairstyles with you every other week, when its freshly done, unless its a down period where she is wearing ponytails.  If you have any requests, please don't hesitate to ask!  I already know how I am going to do it for the upcoming style, so any request after that will be noted!

Next time, I plan on getting more detailed pics for the blog post as well because I know not everyone is a fan of YouTube!  Bare with me as I start this series, I'll get it together, I promise! :)

Thanks for reading and I hope this is inspiration for someone!