First off, Happy New Year!  I didn't plan on being away this long, but my body and immune system had other plans.  I just came off of an almost month long illness and I swear it crept up on me.
It started off with Caryss having a stomach bug, then my husband a few days later with the same symptoms.  I nursed them back to health then I started feeling flu-like.  After a day of feeling like pure crap, Cal, my son, pretty much spent an entire day (the day before Christmas Eve) in the ER.  We thought initially he needed his appendix removed, but he was downgraded and said had an extreme case of a stomach virus and let us go home on Christmas Eve.  All the while, I am holding back my sickness to stay strong for the rest of the family.  Once we got home and I knew he was okay, BAM!!  I went down and went down hard!  I literally just started feeling better 2 days ago after finally realizing that I needed to take my behind to the doctors!  It's been an eventful and extremely emotional last couple weeks of 2014 and first couple weeks of 2015!   

In the midst of all of that, I totally neglected my hair.  For OVER a month!  Dirty and extremely dry hair being tossed into a bun, uncombed, and hidden under a wig.  Completely damaging the edges of my hair.  All of my hard work of trying to repair it, GONE! #lesigh
Well, the only think I can do now is breathe and repair!  I have to find me some one that I can trust to cut my hair even and start from scratch!  When I figure out what I am going to do to nourish it back to health, I'll be sure to update you!