★ teal + gold ★ holiday glam series 2014 ★

Happy Friday ladies and gentlemen!  This week's Holiday Glam is opulent colors in the form of posh jewels!
I got this set from Fantasy Accessory Box about 2 or 3 years ago and I absolutely love it!
It's definitely a showstopper set and it also has a matching hair piece to go along with it.
I feel like this can't be worn on a regular day though.
The earrings OR the necklace, but not both together!
Holiday parties would be the perfect time to crack it out!

For my makeup, I coordinated with the jewels since my outfit is winter white/light ivory, to inject color in it.
Teal and gold on the eyes with luscious plum lips is c'est magnifique!
Since I was all about jewel toned colors this week, I decided to give my latest red toned wig a go!  Couldn't have turned out better!
I love the red against the teal and gold!
The outfit!  This dress has easily become one of my faves!
It's simple and elegant and the dramatic jewelry and belt compliments it very well!  
Threw on jewel toned sling backs and I'm ready!
This weeks Holiday Glam is in the vault!  Let me know your thoughts!
Next week will be my FINAL Holiday Glam-Christmas Edition!  Can you believe it? 
I have something in mind for Holiday Glam-New Years Edition, so stay tuned!

See you guys next week!
xo, Chanda

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