diy: Christmas present storage box

I have been wanting to do some DIY's on here for the longest!
I decided that this would kick it off and I will pick back up in the new year!
It's something about making (and actually liking) something by hand!

A couple months ago, we got rid of our old entertainment center because it was on it's last leg.  We replaced it with this awesome table but the problem is that the entertainment center had underneath storage that we hid all of our card and board games and pretty much anything that didn't have a home in.
It was supposed to be my husbands project to find an underneath storage system for those items, but he's such a procrastinator! 

I couldn't put up my tree and decorate with this looking like this!  I just couldn't!
So here's a TEMPORARY solution to this not so pretty problem!

What did it look like before, you ask?
sidenote:  we bought these TV's (side/underneath table) on Black Friday and hubby won't let me open our room TV until Xmas! #grrr

Here's what to do!  SUPER easy!