★ all black everything ★ holiday glam series 2014 ★

Man, it feels as if I was just writing about the beginning of this series and it's over all ready!
Can you believe it's been 6 weeks already?  Christmas is in 6 days!  Are you done with your shopping?
This week, I decided to try and dress this up.  I am not gonna lie, this was put together at the last minute!
My apartment complex is having all of these end of the year checks with our units and it's messing up all of my time!
I don't have the luxury of filming late at night while everyone's sleeping because I am loud, lol.

Makeup is real sparkly!  Dark tones and silver glitter paired with neutral lips makes up this look!
My red hair is going strong!  Threw it back into a messy pony and called it a day!
The outfit is going to speak for itself!  It's like all of my favorite pieces or things in one place! :)

Thank all of you for the love and support for my Holiday Glam Series for 2014!  Sad to see it end!
I have a couple looks for New Years Eve that will be posted after Christmas!  Let me know your fave!
I'll have all of the previous posts and videos listed below for you to reminisce on!
I'm sure I'll post before this, but Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Have a fun and safe Holiday season!

xo, Chanda

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