So on August 30, I had the pleasure of attending a fabulous event titled The Powerful Women's Luncheon.  It was held by a gorgeous young lady named Meagan and the event was all about the empowerment of women.  It was a beautiful thing!

This is what I decided to wear.  I wore a red lip and Tiffany stud earrings, but I loved how the nude lip looked and I couldn't find my earrings (GASP!).
Meagan and I

This is the most gorgeous and classic skirt and it was perfect for the occasion!  I am so appreciative that I was invited to be apart of such a wonderful event and I can't wait for the next one!
top//forever xxi
shoes//p2 by pink pump

here is this crazy dude showing up in the pics again, lol

Let me know what you think!
xo, Chanda