25 random things...

1.  I like to eat ketchup/ranch dressing on everything!
I have been really into fitness over the last year (you wouldn't think so from #1).
3.  Many of you know about my daughter, but I also have a 14 y.o. son (who hates photos).
4.  I don't have a favorite color.
5.  I am a choreographer (in my head, #2leftfeet).
6.  I love electronics.
7.  I am trying to get my husband to start a fashion blog.  He has great style, in my opinion. ;)
8.  I am starting to really find basketball interesting.
9.  My favorite season is spring, then summer.
10.  I have over 100 pair of shoes (yikes)
11.  I stress over little stuff.
12.  I am SUPER shy (which is often taken as me being conceited).
13.  I want to visit Hawaii someday.
14.  I can sing, but I never do (in front of people anyway)
15.  I LOVE flowers!
16.  I am a Harry Potter fan.
17.  I love playing video games.
18.  I really want to re-visit New York.
19.  HGTV is my favorite channel
20.  My husband is my biggest supporter
21.  I work in the wonderful (not) world of bridal
22.  I have a very small circle of friends
23.  I wake up at 5:58 am like clock work everyday
24.  and I am NOT a morning person
25.  I miss my daddy everyday :( #ripdaddy

xo, Chanda