soft and romantic - vday look #1

I didn't know if I was going to do a Valentine's Day series this year.  We are super busy at work and there aren't enough hours in the day it seems.  I managed to get this one done (and I will be doing another one in the morn).

I've been noticing Kim Kardashian's style changes lately, where she is wearing tons of midi skirts.  I am obsessed with midi skirts and dresses right now, so it was only right for me to attempt this look.  Hers are more daring than mine being that her body is INSANELY gorgeous!  I am halfway there y'all, then I will be a little more ambitious with my look! :)

Let's start with the makeup!  I wanted to do something really light, airy and romantic, so I used pinks and golds.  Gold in the middle surrounded by pink with a hint of purple on my outer eye.  My blush is pink with hints of gold in it and my lippie is actually coral with a pink gloss on top.  All of the details will be in the video (once I am done editing it)
My hair, I attempted a double halo braid with a pony in the back.  I received tons of compliments on this style, so I hope to recreate it again!  Please excuse my kinks in the back!  I took a shower right before doing this and didn't take a second look at the back! o_O
The fit is a blousy, pleated bodysuit paired with a midi and some pointy toed stilettos.  Lots of chains and dangly earrings to cap it off!
top + skirt:: body central
shoes (sav, sold out):: shoedazzle
earrings:: sassy jones boutique
chains:: forever xxi
Let me know how you like it!  I love how it turned out and cant wait to get more midis!!
Happy Valentines!
xo, Chanda