goals for 2014

Wow!  6 days into the New Year!  Who, other than myself, is extremely happy that the holidays are over?  I can't believe how disconnected I was with this past holiday season.  I hope to have that "special holiday" feeling back this year because it didn't feel great!  I think it was mostly how Christmas sales were FORCED down our throats around Halloween time.  It's so commercialized nowadays.
I really wanted to share (more like document for my personal reference) my goals for 2014.
I feel like we've been riding together long enough for me to get a little personal with you.

I want to blog more.  There was a point time (up until recently) where I figured that I needed to have everything the same when it came to my content.  I needed to be the photographer.  It could only be about hair.  Makeup.  Clothing.  Well, I've loosened up those straps a little.  There is so much out here that I want to share and I think that this the time to start.  I am not going to go off on tangents or anything, everything will still be related to everything that I find interesting.  Just a little more added. :) 

I also want to have more challenges, blog features and, of course, more OOTD or Outfit Ideas!  I love having my own personal style, so it will be shared a lot more!

This photo explains my brain completely!  On the outside, I look like I have everything together.  On the inside, SCATTERBRAINED!  I have so many things that I want to do but it's so hard for me to stay on task.  I need to adopt a system of some sort to get myself better organized.  

{love life}
My hubby and I have been married for a little over 5 years (together for over 17 years, LONG time) and while we have had our handful of issues, we have had WAY more up than down. I wouldn't trade our relationship for anything in the world. People ask me all the time why did it take so long for us to get married and my response is always "if we would have gotten married when we first had our son, we would be DIVORCED!".  I know it.  He knows it.  We had Cal when we were young and while we knew that we loved each other, we still wanted things our OWN ways.  So I knew it wouldn't have worked.
Cal just turned 14 and we have little ms feisty, Caryss who is 6, going on 25, and we are happy! :)

One thing I would like to start {back} working on is the planning of our renewal.  I was completely DEVASTATED when I learned the place that we originally set for it, SOLD our date.  WHO DOES THAT?  It's okay though.  They gave us our deposit back (after the unleashing of my typically Detroit chick attitude).  I just wish it would have worked out.  I would like it to be August 2015, which kind of works because it will be on our actual anniversary date instead of a couple days before, which is perfect.  I just have to get back into it.  I have my dress, so that's out of the way! (even though my shop is getting Zac Posen in and there is a dress I have my eye on...HELP ME LORD, I don't need this dress!)

Finances.  The ultimate of ultimates.  Will not lie.  I SUCK at saving money.  I can do it for things that I know needs to be done (like moving or major expenses) but just to say "Let me throw a couple hundred in my savings" usually doesn't happen!  I am going to try my BEST this year to save more money.  It's a must, especially since we are going to attempt this moving thing {AGAIN} this July and I want to purchase a new vehicle.  So it's an ABSOLUTE must!  If you guys have any tips/tricks that you use, please feel free to share them.

So that's it!  All in a nutshell.  I plan on being the best ME that I can be!  I hope that it is as successful actually as it is mentally!  Wish me luck!

xo, Chanda