feathered bangs? It's A Wig "Cosmopolitan"- Elevate Styles

Hey Everyone!!
Today I am sharing with you this lovely unit form the It's A Wig collection at Elevate Styles!
Cosmopolitan is her name and she is FIERCE!!
It has this fabulous under color that kinda look like a cranberry color, maybe brighter.

The reason why I titled this "Feathered Bangs" is because the original style on the bangs on this unit is feathered.
photo from Elevate Styles website

I straightened it out with my Metropolis Iron and that made me fall in love with the unit.
Don't get me wrong, I am pretty sure that the feathered style would look amazing on someone.
I would rather wear them straight.  I know me and I would be messing with them all through the day to get them to sit straight.
I was actually thinking of cutting this into a bob.  What do you think about that?
I would layer it so that the red would peep from underneath, but do you think I should?  Or just leave it be!

If you are interested in this unit, or just looking for something to perk you up, 
check out Elevate Styles!!  You won't be disappointed!

xo, Chanda