mini haul x lovely wholesale

Merry (belated) Christmas everyone!  Every year, I say that I will successfully upload a Christmas post to show you what I did and how we celebrated, but every year, I can never seem to do so.  The truth of the matter is I wasn't at all glamorous yesterday.
So, it wasn't worth it to even try, lol.

I do want to share with you guys some pieces that I got from Lovely Wholesale.  
I got a few dresses and a sweater (that I actually wore on xmas).  Let's dig right in!
sweater:: SIMILAR here
jeans:: (super skinny moto) justfab
shoes:: (elizabeth) shoedazzle
This tiger sweater is EVERYTHING!!  At first site, I was NOT impressed.  It looked like an oversized pile of material with a tiger imprinted on it.  But as I started dressing it in different ways, I started liking it.  Then I got the outfit just right and now I LOVVVVVE it!  I've gotten so many compliments on it and I can say that its a staple piece that won't be going any where anytime soon!
dress:: here
shoes:: (poupette) shoedazzle
This dress!  I am so scared of it and I'm amazed by it all at the same time!  I'm scared because I know that I am still so conscious of how I look and I'm not at my goal fit (been slacking BIG time) but I love it because when I do reach my goal fit wise, it will be ON and popping with it!  It's so very sexy.  Hubby hasn't seen it yet, but when he do...;)
dress:: here, different color
jeans:: (signature skinnies) justfab
shoes:: (dash, sold out) shoedazzle
I was a little disappointed on this one because of it's length.  It's too short to be a dress on me, but almost too long to wear as a sweater.  But that's how I am going to have to wear it because I can't feel like a streetwalker!  I simply canNOT!
With some strategic ruching, it will be the ultimate comfy-chic sweater!
dress:: here
shoes:: (joss) justfab
I absolutely ADORE this dress!  I know once I steam it out and add my own little accessories on it, that this will be the ultimate chic dress to wear on a classy night out.  The photos aren't doing the color any justice!  Only thing, which is my biggest problem with most items, is that it's a teensy bit too short (I'm 5'6" with extra long legs, lol).  
Other than that, magnific!

So that's my mini haul from Lovely Wholesale!  This site has SO much to choose from!  
From casual outfits to dressing your bridesmaids and everything in between.  
Definitely run and check them out!  Let me know how you like the outfits and how YOU would style them!