endless world...

Hey ladies and gentlemen!  Dropping in to show you this BOMB sweatshirt that I got from Mart of China.  Mart of China is an online clothing (and everything else) site.  
I have worn a dress from them before and the whole transaction went by smoothly!  

It's really starting to cool down here in Michigan, especially this weekend.  
It was not only cold, but EXTREMELY windy, which made doing these photos REAL hard.  
I attempted the day before, but the weather, along with it being later in the evening 
(it's getting dark around 5:30 EST her now), it was just impossible to do them.  
I only got a chance to do about 20 shots (and I prayed that I could get some good ones out of them).
hoodie :: mart of china
jeans :: thrifted
boots :: justfab
How is the weather in your neck of the woods?  Are you a cold weather or a warm weather person.  
Myself, I would SO prefer the warmth over the cold any day!

Stay warm everyone! :)