photos by me
28" of pure lusciousness is the party taking place in my head right now! Hey guys! Dropping in to tell you about this beautiful hair that I've been wearing for almost a week now. It's from D.S. Hair Extensions and it's their Russian Prime Loose Wave. I am rocking 5 bundles, ranging from 18" up to 28" and I'm LOVING it! I think this may be the longest that I've worn (even though I have some 30" hair in arsenal for an upcoming install), but to date, this is the longest. It took me some getting used to but after about the 2nd or 3rd day, I was walking around with the wind blowing through these locks and was feeling myself!
Let me know what you guys think of my Russian Prime locks!  Also, check out D.S.Hair Extensions!
I think we have a winner so far with this hair.  It's so soft and manageable.  I will keep you updated on the life of it.  With proper maintenance, I'm sure I'll have this for a very long time!  Talk to you soon! 


  1. Man, that hair is loooooong and BEAUTIFUL!!! You look good in EVERYTHING,girl!! Loving that red lipstick, just GORGEOUS!!!!

  2. Thanks so much girly...but I beg to differ! There are SO many styles that look janky on me, LOLOL!!! :)

  3. I was think of purchasing from this hair company at first I couldn't find many reviews on it. What hair company's would you suggest.

  4. Hi MsChanda, Just saw this beautiful photos of you in our extensions and I am definitely sending them to my website designer because I HAVE TO HAVE YOU in my new website that's going to be launched in January. You are an amazing woman and has been of so much support to the company. I am glad you love the textures you've tried and i'm ecstatic about the future. Just want to say God bless you & whatever you lay your fingers on. Have an amazing week girl !!


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