just in: nylah

photos by me
Hi guys!  I know!  Another pair of shoes.  You understand my obsession, right?  
These lovelies are from ShoeDazzle and they are named Nylah. 
 I had been eyeing these all summer and never jumped the gun to get them.  
ShoeDazzle had an inventory sale and these were clearanced to $14 and change.  
All in all, I ended up paying $12 and change (I had a little left over from past purchases).  

Everyone meet Nylah!


  1. Really pretty, Chanda!! I would love to see what outfit you wear with them :)

  2. I am putting it together in my mind right now, lol

  3. Well Ms. Chanda I've been following you on you tube for some time now and it has been amazing. Thank you for taking the time out to keep us informed and sharing some of your tips. I'd love to get some fashion tips also from you on what might look good on me. Thanks in advance and be blessed!!!!

  4. Thanks a bunch for being down with me! I truly appreciate it! What exactly were you looking for?


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