photos by hubby
Good Friday Everyone!  Welcome to my very first Fashion Free for All!  As you know, I have been kinda talking about this for little over a week now and I feel that this gives us fellow bloggers the opportunity to link up and see what we all have to offer. I hope that you guys enjoy this and I look forward to the missions to come!

This week's fashion is STRIPES!  

Everywhere you look nowadays, you see them in all different capacities!  Whether in accessories, or a full blown outfit!  And of course, I couldn't have my 1st Free for All without a few of my beautiful blogger friends!  

Check out these beautiful ladies and their spins on this popular trend!

-in order of appearance-
top row
Airie @ Fashion To Live; Bella @ Marieesbella; Tiff @ T Lynn Fashionista
bottom row

Let's talk about my dress!  If you are not aware, this year I decided to get my act together healthwise, which included in daily exercise and eating better.  While I can admit that the summer threw me for a complete loop (kids being out of school really detoured me from keeping to my set schedule), I am still determined to look as good as I can.  Still not 100% where I want to be, but it's a work in progress!

I have been stepping out of the box this year with my wardrobe choices, which leads me to this dress!

I found this dress at and I must say that I am in COMPLETE love with it!  I first saw Mimi Goodwin in it, but hers was HANDMADE, which I have NO skill behind the sewing machine, but I was on the hunt to find it!  I had completely given up when Choies contacted me to do a review for one of their pieces and THERE IT WAS!!  Now, Mimi's dress was red and blue,(and she look a million times better than me in hers, lol) but black and white was just fine for me!!  So, of course, I jumped on the opportunity to wear this dress and the rest is HISTORY!!! This dress is SOOOO sexy and it fits like a glove!  Hubby paired my Angeline Boutique shoes with it (I totally didn't think the shoes would go, but they look AWESOME with this dress!), simple accessories and we're good to go! 

dress:: choies
bracelets (mschanda one):: c/o the eccentric diva

xo, Chanda