S L O W...

This certainly was a weekend to remember.  The best of birthday surprises.  Hanging with family and friends.  Going to the movies twice in a 12 hour period.  My children riding down the Giant Slide in Detroit for the first time.  It's the little things.  LOL.  Yesterday, I brought out this gorgeous jumper (Dakota Jumper)  from JustFab.  I am a sucker for this exact outfit!  I received so many compliments on it.  The fit of it is immaculate.  We took these pics right after a long day that took so many twists and turns.  My belt is all over the place.  My hair is not quite as curled as it was earlier in the day (doesn't help that it was in the 90's).  Makeup: SHOT!   I went through 3 pairs of shoes but ultimately, Aveiro (JustFab) won.  As a matter of fact, JustFab almost dressed me entirely today.  Minimal jewelry and I was good to go!

jumper (Dakota), handbag (Sway) + shoes (Aveiro) :: JustFab
jewelry :: everywhere
belt :: Ebay

hubby (my part time blogtographer, lol) had to share his beautiful gams with you guys!

(photos by my hubby)