July Faves • JustFab

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Independence day festivities!  I sure did!  My day started off in a blur because I had to work (I haven't worked on Independance day in FOREVER!), but afterwards, I hurried home, changed up, combed my daughters hair and off we went to my family's house!  We ate all sorts of fattening foods and the fired off TONS of fireworks later in the evening!  I was so out of it that I didn't take one single photo, which I regret, but I had a lot of fun last night!

Just wanted to share with you a few items that I'm DROOLING over from JustFab!  I have been on the watch with a couple of these, but for the most part, everything is from my July showroom!

I have been obsessing over clutch purses lately!  There used to be a time that I would never wear one, but no longer!  I am in so much love with Yacht Club's vertical lines.  It also comes in a white/black striped combo, but I was really drawn to the peachy tones of the pink/black color combo!  And who wouldn't love Pisces?  It's vibrant colors and trendy color block is so different than what I have in my closet!  I can't until I get them! 

Pointy toes are making a comeback!  I remember when round toed shoes became more popular and I, GULP, gave away and tossed ALL of my pointy toed shoes!  I'm totally kicking myself for that right now!  Even though Joss and Severine are deeper in color (I'm such a spring/summer person), they are must haves!  They will be a go to shoe for mostly anything that you put together.  Tempest and Amber both have a kick ass appearance!  I love a statement shoe and they both have that quality!  And of course who can resist Blaire and Eden?  Such summery, fun shoes!  I can't wait to add these babies to my arsenal!!   I'll make sure to update you guys when I do! :)

What's your favorite?  And how exactly would you style them?  Let me know what your July favorites are!  All of these beauties are from JustFab!  If you're already a member, run over and place these in your wishlist!  If not, CLICK HERE and sign up and get your first order HALF OFF!  A shoe lovers dream!

I also have a shoe photo-a-day tag running on Instagram titled #31daysofheels!  Here's a rundown of the days!  I would love for you guys to join!  Tag your daily photos #31daysofheels to share your shoes!