"I was here..."

This past Saturday, I went to see one of my FAVORITE artists on the face of the planet!  BEYONCE!!!!  I was soooo ecstatic to see her perform, and she is MOST definitely a performer!  It didn't hurt that we had some great seats.  I couldn't take my DSLR with me, so I couldn't get any great photos, but the images will always be implanted in my brain! 

This is what I decided to wear.  It was a last minute change because originally I planned on wearing jeans.  I paired my mint skater skirt with a basic white tank and my Rouen shoe and Icon bag from JustFab.  Gold jewelry from Forever XXI/everywhere and I was good to go!  My hair is still going strong (Never Ending Virgin Hair {video}{post})!

skirt//charlotte russe
top + necklace//forever xxi
shoes (Rouen) + bag (peach Icon)//justfab


  1. very nice, i might do something similar when i see her in august

  2. You look super cute! I love how you put tr colors together.

  3. Thank you! if you do, send me a pic!! :)

  4. You look amazing I love this look on you it's so fun! Glad you had a good time at the concert!!!

  5. Thanks so much Bell! I had a blast!

  6. The video that you did on pre-threaded needles at the end you flatiron your clients hair what type of flatirons are those you used

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