So for about 3 years or so, (once or twice a year), I have done some kin of rendition to the never out of style bob hairstyle!  I decided to do it again a few days ago and, again, it's been a HUGE hit!  I like to think that I can wear most hairstyles (most def not all) and this one has to be one of my favorites!  I know what works with my face shape though when it comes to a bob.  It can't be flat and flimsy!  It has to be very voluminous and have have shape to it, or I will look like a long, bobblehead!  Here's the latest take on the ever so popular bob!

The hair that I used is kind from everywhere.  I used a closure to construct this unit, which is from Virgin Glam.  Some of the hair is from Sensationnel and the rest is real random.  I like to call my unused, new hair "stash hair".  My husband probably would like to call it trash and get rid of it, lol.  

Let me know what you think!