Goodbye 2012...

I am so glad that I am starting to break out of my shell and take on new tasks.  One of them is climbing out of my shell and starting to do street style (if you will) posts!  Here's to bigger and better!!! xoxo, Chanda


  1. I think. You are doing an amazing. Job!! I agree we all should take risk break. Out of our shell and try something. New...

  2. I couldn't agree more. I love your Channel and it inspires me to do great things. I love hair and fashion but I never got a chance to live my dream of becoming a cosmetologist just like my beloved grandmother. She did hair back in the 50's in the white beauty shops and then would come home with a line full of people waiting to get their hair done. I share her passion of hair, beauty and wellness. My job relocated me to the ATL only to lay me off 6 months later. Well now it's time. I've decided to start my own hair distribution company and later a Salon. Any tips? Peace and Blessings always.



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