Welcoming Fall with Open Arms

Today i went out and took some pictures of a new wrap that I purchase at Target.  I was psyched when I found it there and got it home and was like "What the *bleep* did I buy?"  So I decided to style it up and I think we have a keeper ladies and gents.  Let me know what you think and how would you style this?

What I am wearing!
wrap:  Target
undershirt: Wet Seal
leggings: 5.7.9
boots: Macy's
earrings: Elevate Styles
hair: Brazilian Wave, Yaya Hair Company

signs of Fall everywhere!
 look at this sky...simply AMAZING!

Lata Loves!


  1. I love it ...the boots the wrap ur hair is whipping as always. Very Very jazzy

  2. I am loving that wrap that's what's up and the boots are rocking along with the bag.

  3. I love the backgrounds ,new camera lol. Just love the outfit


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