Hey Guys and Gals!  It's been a while.  The little one is sick with pneumonia (my poor little baby), but she is doing better and I figured I can start knocking out some posts and videos while daddy is in house with her! 

So, I have been a member of ShoeDazzle for quite some time, but I never purchased anything until January.  I kept on seeing these shoes on shoe pages on Facebook and I could never figure out who they were made by.  I searched all around and then I found out that one of my friends on FB had them.  So I got the name of them and GUESS WHAT?  You know they are mines now!

Introducing Trya!

I believe that I was lucky enough to score one of the last pairs.  If you like her and want to see if they are still avail, check out ShoeDazzle and sign up today!