Happy Monday everyone!  Let's talk about Spring wish items!  I haven't had the opportunity to go all out on myself in a while (and who am I kidding, still can't at the moment, we'll talk about this later!), but when I am, I plan on getting as much off of this list as possible!  My wardrobe is in need of a definite refresh, so here are a few things that I am looking forward to grabbing up!
DRESSES || The one item that I love to run towards in the Spring and Summer months are dresses. It's one piece that you can dress up with accessories or down with nothing at all!  My fave is a good ol' oversized maxi dress with simple sandals and minimal jewelry.  My Summer wardrobe!

DUSTERS || I feel like you can't own too many of these!  The environment that I work in requires me to dress business BUT it's freezing cold from all of the computers, so I have to always keep some kind of layer handy.  And they are just soooo cute and easy to style.
duster: windsor store

dress: windsor store || jewelry: f21 || shoes: justfab

BOYFRIEND and SKINNY JEANS || I haven't had the best luck with jeans lately!  I've been up and down in weight and they've just not been easy to find.  I was able to find some jeans at the thrift store that I fell in LOVE with, I just dont want to purchase from the actual company because they are full of s*** and I will never give them a cent of my money!  Just pray for me on this one yall! 

FLATS || I never thought that I would be typing this, but I have fallen in love with flats!  They are just so practical and there are some cute ones out here!  I really need to go on a flat shoe haul - they are very easy to style and I need them at work because even though I work in HR (which I still can't believe I haven't updated you guys on this #2plusyearslater), I am not stationary at all!  I am all over my building talking to team members, so I need stylish but comfortable shoes.

ALL OF THE JUSTFAB THINGS || just see for yourself!
AND SO MUCH MORE!  I didn't want this to be super lengthy so I will follow this up with a part 2 (at some point) - but GUYS!!!!!  I kinda need everything on the list and I wouldn't feel any kind of bad about it!

So funny that I am talking about Spring essentials, but these photos were shot about a week or 2 before Winter began here in MI and holy cold weather!  I remember it too - I had people telling me that I was a brave soul for going out in the elements to do these!  And I believe them too!  What are your fashion crushes for the upcoming season?  I would love to hear about them!

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